Building the House from the Top Down


From the intricacies of global markets to the formidable competitive landscape to the integration of new technology, our industry is facing rapid and expansive change. The challenges our leaders are facing can be daunting and even insurmountable unless they have the tools necessary to lead effectively in this complex world. And the fact is, a company is only as strong as its leaders.

That is why it is critical to teach our leaders survival skills to handle VUCA. What is VUCA, you ask? Well let’s begin with a history lesson: When the Cold War ended, the newly formed multilateral world presented challenges in all aspects of life that had never before been experienced. After the events in 2011, the acronym VUCA took hold and in 2012 Kinsinger & Walch characterized this new normal as having four primary dimensions: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity.

By framing challenges using these four characteristics, leaders would be better prepared to handle them. Though the original premise was used to define global systems, the VUCA concept has been adopted by strategic business leaders to describe the chaotic, turbulent, and rapidly changing business environment leaders face and the factors that every leader must conquer to achieve business success.

However, if VUCA describes the challenges in the business world, how can leaders adjust their lens to become more astute and become better prepared to move forward and think differently? The answer: VUCA 2.0. This may provide leaders a clearer line of sight to handle the challenges they face every day.

So, how do we train our leaders to address the ever-changing environment through this new VUCA 2.0 lens? The goal is to transform each challenge into an opportunity as shown below:

  • Volatility becomes . . . . . VISION

  • Uncertainty becomes . . . UNDERSTANDING

  • Complexity becomes . . . COURAGE

  • Ambiguity becomes . . . . ADAPTABILITY

As you consider leadership and development training, recognize that one model or approach cannot fit all situations, but to teach leaders a new way of flexible thinking is to give them the most usable technique for meeting each unique challenge.


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The Easiest Question You Will Get Today


If I say “Nike,” what is the first thing you think? 

Did you say, “Just do it?”  How is it that this empowering tagline has become so embedded in our culture that we see it not only as synonymous with the brand, but a mantra we have completely integrated into our lives?  What Nike accomplished was not just an unforgettable slogan, but a powerful theme that unites, guides, and motivates all of us. So what can we learn from Nike when designing the perfect pharmaceutical sales meeting?  It’s all in the theme.

Theme is about creating a movement. It is about aligning the participant’s own concerns, passions, values and interests with a central cause, goal, or quest.  Themes are a creative communication platform – a common lexicon, a sustainable set of experiences that galvanize the senses and define a shared call-to-action.  Sales meetings become powerful tools when the participants feel a vested interest in that theme -- when their view of the world changes, when they can feel passionate and motivated, and when they can transform from passive spectator to active participant.   

And how is that accomplished?  Themes are not just a catchy opening or tagline.  Successful themes create an ongoing, engaging, visceral, inspired response – a rallying cry that becomes the backbone of a much larger and long-term communication platform. But what is the secret sauce for creating the perfect theme?  At MC3, we believe theme development requires three fundamental components:

  • A consultative and collaborative client relationship

  • A comprehensive understanding of the market environment, therapeutic area, impact on patients, and competitive climate

  • The creativity to design unique thematic experiences and memorable communication platforms that engage and energize the participants

The power of the theme is in its repetition, seamless integration with the product it represents, and the ability to engage and motivate the participants.  Whether you are conducting a PoA, NSM, or Launch Meeting, always remember that a well-crafted theme will help you create a community of engaged participants who share a common goal and reinforce each participant’s connection to that vision. But only if the developer of that theme truly understands you, the participants, the product, the environment, and above all, the patients.


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Kim Catania Joins MC3

Contact:  Steve Budd
Chief Operating Officer
Phone:  610-430-1900 x 118

West Chester, PA – May 28, 2019         MC3, a leading provider of innovative training and meeting production solutions for the life sciences industry, today announced the integration of Catania Communications, a [Connecticut-based] pharmaceutical training company, into its training business.  Kim Catania, current Principal for Catania Communications, joins MC3’s training division as VP Learning & Development serving in both an operational management and business development role.  Kim joins MC3 with over 24 years’ experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology training, talent development, sales leadership, learning strategy and curriculum development, project management, product launch and pre-market development.

Robert Armstrong, President of MC3 commented, “We are delighted to welcome Kim and Catania Communications to MC3 to expand our life science training business.  We believe there are significant synergies between our companies which we are excited to pursue! This would include expanding our Leadership Development offerings where Catania Communications has significant expertise.” Adding to that sentiment, Beth Tench, Senior Vice President and Head of MC3s Training Solutions Unit said, “We have successfully collaborated with Kim for several years, and we share the same passion for delivering innovative training solutions that drive value for our customers.  I’m delighted to add such an accomplished training solutions expert to our Training Leadership Team.”

Join us at the LTEN Conference


As gold sponsors at the 2019 LTEN Conference, we hope you will join us in Grapevine, TX from June 3-6.  We will be revealing our brand new exhibit booth (#719) and powerful new ways to think about training.  So if you are interested in any of the following, MC3 is the place to be:

  • Innovative ways to increase engagement using the newest learning approaches and technologies

  • Solving the challenge of sustainment by driving greater retention and applied learning

  • Turning ordinary training into an extraordinary experience for the participants AND for the internal staff managing the project

  • Learning what it is like to work with MC3, how we think, and how we work with clients

So, we hope you will join us.  And keep an eye on our Linked In page where we are celebrating the extraordinary in the world . . . and need YOUR help!

1st Annual Mary Anne Wallace Annual Holiday Toy Drive Delivers!

Mary Anne Logo.jpg

MC3 just wrapped up our 1st Mary Anne Wallace Annual Holiday Toy Drive for kids!

Mary Anne was a beloved member of the MC3 team who sadly passed away this year. Mary Anne had a generous spirit and for the past 20 years led a toy drive initiative benefiting the patients and families at the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. Many of these children start their hospital stay in the Emergency Department, so families often don’t have toys and comfort items for their children. Mary Anne’s efforts helped make the children’s holidays feel more special.

We plan on keeping this tradition alive for many more years in Mary Anne’s name and memory!

2018 Toys for Dupont_small.jpg

Magnify the Impact with Micro-Learning

Training has evolved significantly in the past decade.  The growing number of millennials in the work force, the need to do more with less, and the 24 hour always-connected work cycle, have all contributed to an environment where traditional training methods need to accommodate the new norm. In pharma this is especially true. Add the complexity of clinical information and the need to know the intricacies of Market Access, and you find yourself pushing the limits of retention for any learner. 

MC3 Expands Our Growing Account Team With Highly Accomplished Industry Executive

We are delighted to welcome Bruce Sautter to MC3 as an Executive Director of Business Development.  


Bruce joins MC3 with over 25 years of business development experience and a proven track record of building influence to drive decisions with C-level executives.  

Specializing in experiential marketing through live events, brand communications and sales training for the pharmaceutical industry and other verticals. Bruce consistently used his account leadership and management skills to provide insight and strategy for more effective partnerships and relationships with clients.

Prior to joining MC3 he has worked with leading industry agencies such as Jack Morton Worldwide, Drury Design, IXM,   Bluewater and his own experiential marketing consulting firm.

In his spare time, Bruce enjoys his yoga practice and whenever possible indulges in his passions of surfing and snowboarding.  But that being said, Bruce’s real pride and joy are his two very talented daughters pursuing musical theater and ballet.

You can reach Bruce at or by phone at 917.754.9965

Seasoned Life Sciences Business Development Executive joins MC3

MC3 welcomes Linda Toscano to MC3 as an Executive Director of Business Development.  Linda has 20 years of agency experience in sales training and medical communications working on brands both big and small.

Linda Toscano.jpg

Linda’s education includes a bachelor of science degree in pharmacy from Purdue University.    This unique perspective as a clinical pharmacist allows her a better understanding of the science of the pharmaceutical training world.  Deciding to deepen her skillset, Linda earned an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and at that time transitioned to sales, marketing and medical information roles within the pharmaceutical industry.   Her passion lies in medical communication and marketing content.   Linda draws heavily from her agency, industry, and clinical experience to offer in-depth insights and solutions to training challenges while providing exceptional client service.

When not pursuing new business opportunities and helping to manage accounts, Linda can be found cycling on Chicago’s lakefront path, travelling the world, or at home desperately trying to learn to play classical Spanish guitar. 

Linda can be reached at: or by phone at 773.294.2394

Carving Out Some Competitive Creativity

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.06.18 AM.png

MC3 held it’s first ever pumpkin decorating contest to help ring in Halloween and our team’s creativity was on full display! Yoda, by Kendra and Jacked-O-lantern, by Kevin tied for the most 1st place votes. Coming in second place was the Coco Movie/Día de Muertos themed pumpkin by Morgan and Molly. Comment below on what was your favorite!