Fresh Produce Fuels Fresh Ideas

MC3 is committed to a progressive, healthy benefit selection for our team. Recently, we partnered with the CHARGE group to counsel our employees on health and nutrition. One of the many perks of this relationship is the Farmer’s Market Program. Prior to the 4th of July holiday, CHARGE visited at lunch, bringing fresh produce from local farmers (sharing bios of the farms), and demonstrated how to make a super healthy and really delicious strawberry & avocado bruschetta. This great team perk was also a wonderful way to participate in local sustainability. Employees were able to take home all sorts of fruits and vegetables and enjoy the produce over the holiday week. We’re happy to provide this to our team that is always cooking up good ideas.

MC3 Makes Splash at LTEN with Launch of Innovative Training Platform

MC3 once again made our presence known at this year’s LTEN conference in Phoenix.  For the hundreds of training leaders at the event, pull-through and reinforcement seemed to be on everyone’s mind.  And MC3 was right there with the optimal solution – Touchpoint. MC3’s Learning Lab and Exhibit provided an excellent opportunity to launch this innovative mobile platform which enables managers to coach remotely, increasing the frequency and impact of individual skill development.

Touchpoint is a first-line performance solution that redefines the way sales managers and representatives connect to incrementally build brand messaging skills.  What makes Touchpoint so novel:

  • It creates more frequent, strategically focused interactions between managers and representatives
  • It enables DMs to observe and provide insight-driven coaching remotely
  • Reps can practice/master message delivery through challenging scenarios on-demand
  • It allows back-end reporting, allowing managers to identify potential skill gaps

If you are looking for a way to ensure longer lasting message retention, deepen the skills of your sales force after a PoA, and improve management coaching skills all through mobile technology, then click here to learn more about Touchpoint:


National Bring Your Kids to Work Day

What an amazing experience the MC3 team created for our kids on 'National Bring Your Kids to Work Day'!  Using the day to create a 'mini' meeting experience from 'theme development' in visualizing and creating team logos (thank you graphics team!), to training as a kids sales team creating and pitching 'slime' (thanks training team!), to developing an amazing event video (you rock video team),  and documenting our event with our Tabletop team (thanks to the tech team!). Our dedicated team of professionals created a fun, interactive meeting and training experience for the kids. And at the end of the day, typical to a meeting, we had a debrief to see how we did!  Yup, they want to come back next year.

What a great day, and fun time for both the kids and our MC3 team!

“Meet me in the Hub.” The Coming Together of General Session and Training Rotations

Where is it written that General Session presentations and training breakouts need to be separate and distinct? This White Paper introduces the “Hub” – an innovative new concept from MC3, which creates a common collaborative environment from which all meeting and training activities extend; a memorable place where your team comes together to connect, to share experiences and to see things in new and exciting ways.

The Evolution of Training in an On-demand World

In today’s ‘on-demand’ world, the proliferation of tablet technologies is changing the game of how users access and interact with information. This White Paper discusses how this unstoppable trend presents sales and training professionals an opportunity they can’t ignore – adopting training strategies that embrace the modern “mobile lifestyle” and foster a culture of continuous leaning and active participation.

Sustaining the impact of training initiatives; how to keep a good thing going…

Sales and Training executives are under increasing pressure to demonstrate acceptable ‘returns’ for investments made in sales meetings and training events. This White Paper discusses the importance of planning for after the event and includes practical ideas for sustaining the impact of your training initiatives.