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Added Dimensions (for presentations that WOW!)

“The rest of our 4-day event is so animated and immersive—why should the awards program be revealed in static PowerPoint slides?”

That was the challenge from MC3 Art Director, Julius D’Antonio: give this gala presentation dimension and life. Collaborating with the Graphics Operator, Video Engineer, Technical Director, and MC3 design staff, “Jules” (as he is known to clients and friends) created a design that employed three dimensions and constant motion:

The back-most layer of our 60-ft-wide screen would be a stylish video animation. Atop that, content would be crafted in PowerPoint (to remain editable) but use a chroma-green slide background that could be made transparent by our Video Engineer (leaving only the awards content atop the stylish animation). In the third, foremost, video layer was space reserved solely for presenter close-ups.

The result was a nimble, immersive awards presentation that was beautifully designed and constantly in motion.

Thank you, Jules, for always challenging the status quo!

Jules is one part of our larger creative team. Get to know more about our team here.

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