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An Opening Experience That Lit Up The Crowd

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

"This was one of the coolest, most emotionally resonant experiences we’ve ever created."

There were 4 important things our client needed this opening experience to accomplish: 1) celebrate the team’s first LIVE meeting in over two years, 2) set the stage for positive organizational changes, 3) surround the field team with “a village” of grateful admirers, and 4) awaken the senses with surprise and delight.

We collaborated with the dance troupe, iLuminate, to bring VITALITY to this team’s first live meeting in over 2 years. Their beautifully choreographed, high-energy performance on stage was amplified by the LED costumes they wore. The lights changed pattern and color to lend new layers of surprise and story to their performance. The room didn’t just feel “live”— it felt ALIVE.

Our audience, too, was a team in transition, so the unexpected, flowing nature of iLuminate’s performance was right on-theme. But even more-so was the story shared by iLuminate’s founder, Miral Kotb, who spoke of her artistic passion, her health challenges, and what it took to introduce her creative enterprise to a quarantined world.

Both Miral’s personal message and the dance performance echoed the lyrics, “I’m glad you came” and that was not lost on our audience. We needed to welcome this team as THE center of the organization’s success. The entirety of our 4-day event needed to not just talk this talk but walk this walk, and this opening experience started that in a big way.

And finally, surprise and delight serve very strategic purposes: surprise perks up the senses and delight activates the learning centers of the brain—both very useful when inviting a team to evolve and learn.

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About the Author

In addition to being a National Geographic-published photographer and Hollywood-circulated screenwriter, Dan Kalinowski is a seasoned healthcare marketer. He’s been creating brand experiences that wow for almost 30 years.

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