Your Meeting Opus

Meetings are music – a theatrical score crafted to thrill, captivate, and most of all, bring the audience along a wonderful journey of exploration and inspiration.  So how do we create a meeting exemplified by harmony, one that creates the “tunes” your audience will sing long after they leave, one that maintains their attention from curtain up to the final bow? It's all about engagement. 

Whether you are designing a PoA or launch meeting, it is important to think of the meeting as a musical narrative with a story arc that

Cheryl Bohn Joins MC3 as Director of Business Development

Cheryl Bohn.jpg

MC3 is excited to welcome Cheryl Bohn to our sales team as a Director of Business Development.  Cheryl has spent twenty years working with major brands in a multitude of industries including life sciences, technology, sports, healthcare, and financial. 

Cheryl was formerly with internationally acclaimed  NFL Films, and was part of the initial team assembled to launch and grow their commercial division.  It was there she collaborated on national campaigns for Gerber, Friendly’s, Wells Fargo, AARP, Comcast, and select pharmaceutical companies, as well as documentary films for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, and M. Night Shyamalan. 

Her well versed background also includes positions at TV networks, production companies, and creative entrepreneurial endeavors. When not helping to develop and manage accounts, Cheryl keeps busy by editing videos for family and friends or making her “famous” crab cakes. 

We are thrilled to have Cheryl’s energy and passion here at MC3!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Aligning the right training format to the intended learning objective is as critical as the content itself. The way information is delivered and received has been proven to be linked to knowledge retention and the ability to apply new skills.  Sales forces and marketing teams will encounter numerous challenges that require reinforcement or just-in-time training.  Using the right method will ensure that each challenge is addressed rapidly and most effectively.

Here is a quick guide to matching the appropriate approach to some of the most common learning objectives:

Your Defining Moment

ANXIETY /aNG’zi’e’dee/ noun  

  • Definition #1:  a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with uncertain outcome. 

  • Pharma Definition #2: the uncomfortable feeling that your high-visibility PoA or launch will fall short of expectations, that you made budget cuts in the wrong places, and that you put your faith in the wrong meeting production company.

So how do you reduce meeting-planning anxiety?  How do you plan for the unexpected?  How do you choose the right partner?  

As you know, there is a very short window of opportunity for your product to make a splash in the market. You have the clinical data and marketing story ready to go.  Your product has the makings of a surefire success, but only if you can galvanize the sales force and give them the training they need to deliver a powerful, consistent message. 

Getting Emotional, Here

“You ask me more about emotions than my husband does!” quipped a client/collaborative partner, recently. We laughed about her admission and had to concede that it’s true: emotions are central to what we do, creatively.

While that may sound obvious, what may not be apparent—or common—is how we create a “road map” of emotions for each meeting that we design and produce. HOW do our audiences feel, coming into the meeting? WHY do they feel that way, and HOW do we want to change that, day by day and hour by hour? Working with our clients and partners, we decide WHEN to delight, when to energize, when to focus, and when to commit them (or re-connect them) to their missions. 

It’s a linear journey, from arrival to departure. Storytelling at its core. And, once we have acknowledged those feelings and decided on those turning points, flawless execution is critical. There is a lot of competition for one's attention, so it’s important to have creative, production, training and logistics all fully-informed and telling the same story.

That’s how we feel. You?

Cooking for a Cause at the Ronald McDonald House

Philadelphia has some of the best pediatric medicine in the world. MC3 was happy to spend the day supplying, preparing, and cooking dinner at the Ronald McDonald House in Camden, NJ for 15-20 families of children being treated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Cooper University Hospital! Members of the MC3 team prepared grilled veggies, BBQ chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit salad, mac-n-cheese, and German potato salad made by our very own German colleague Sonja. The whole meal was topped off with warm brownies, ice cream, and much needed smiles on the faces of these families going through a hard time.

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The Long Arc of Training

You’ve made a significant investment in sales training, pulled the entire sales team out of the field, and it’s now all hands on deck for the marketing, market access, regulatory, and medical affairs teams.
Why?  Because you know there is only one chance to make an impact in the market.  You know the next six months will likely predict the trajectory of the product in the market.  Your product has the clinical data to tell a compelling story, but only if those messages can be delivered consistently, effectively, and responsively.
One 3-day PoA is great for introducing messages and building excitement, but more often than not, disappointing results in the field may be due to a lack of ongoing pull-through training AFTER the fanfare has dissipated.  So how do you ensure that your initial training reaches its potential?

Fresh Produce Fuels Fresh Ideas

MC3 is committed to a progressive, healthy benefit selection for our team. Recently, we partnered with the CHARGE group to counsel our employees on health and nutrition. One of the many perks of this relationship is the Farmer’s Market Program. Prior to the 4th of July holiday, CHARGE visited at lunch, bringing fresh produce from local farmers (sharing bios of the farms), and demonstrated how to make a super healthy and really delicious strawberry & avocado bruschetta. This great team perk was also a wonderful way to participate in local sustainability. Employees were able to take home all sorts of fruits and vegetables and enjoy the produce over the holiday week. We’re happy to provide this to our team that is always cooking up good ideas.

MC3 Makes Splash at LTEN with Launch of Innovative Training Platform

MC3 once again made our presence known at this year’s LTEN conference in Phoenix.  For the hundreds of training leaders at the event, pull-through and reinforcement seemed to be on everyone’s mind.  And MC3 was right there with the optimal solution – Touchpoint. MC3’s Learning Lab and Exhibit provided an excellent opportunity to launch this innovative mobile platform which enables managers to coach remotely, increasing the frequency and impact of individual skill development.

Touchpoint is a first-line performance solution that redefines the way sales managers and representatives connect to incrementally build brand messaging skills.  What makes Touchpoint so novel:

  • It creates more frequent, strategically focused interactions between managers and representatives
  • It enables DMs to observe and provide insight-driven coaching remotely
  • Reps can practice/master message delivery through challenging scenarios on-demand
  • It allows back-end reporting, allowing managers to identify potential skill gaps

If you are looking for a way to ensure longer lasting message retention, deepen the skills of your sales force after a PoA, and improve management coaching skills all through mobile technology, then click here to learn more about Touchpoint:


National Bring Your Kids to Work Day

What an amazing experience the MC3 team created for our kids on 'National Bring Your Kids to Work Day'!  Using the day to create a 'mini' meeting experience from 'theme development' in visualizing and creating team logos (thank you graphics team!), to training as a kids sales team creating and pitching 'slime' (thanks training team!), to developing an amazing event video (you rock video team),  and documenting our event with our Tabletop team (thanks to the tech team!). Our dedicated team of professionals created a fun, interactive meeting and training experience for the kids. And at the end of the day, typical to a meeting, we had a debrief to see how we did!  Yup, they want to come back next year.

What a great day, and fun time for both the kids and our MC3 team!