I am continually humbled by the compliments I receive from clients praising our people’s creativity and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions.  This focus on the client is core to our culture and is key to the long term relationships and friendships we have developed over the past 20 years. 
— Robert Armstrong / President, CEO

We believe in the power of results


Results are what line the pages of our history books. They’re how we define legacies and how we measure our successes. They are what we seek through our actions and what we pursue with our intentions. Results are what took us from rotary to cellular, analog to digital, school yards to boardrooms. They signal an end to today and leave us poised to conquer tomorrow. 




Every captain needs a crew. We believe in sharing ideas and working together to create an experience that delivers greatness from the first word to the final applause.



A measurable difference. We believe that every event should yield a positive outcome, which is why we work with you to make a difference in the hearts and minds of those in attendance. 



Putting knowledge to work. We believe in leveraging our combined insights and expertise to maximize your event on every level and create a memorable and motivational encounter for your business.  


We've all been there

The PowerPoint presentation that seems to go on forever. The speaker that never knows when to stop. The team meeting that lacks any sense of enthusiasm. We forego the ways of the past to create an event with substance, meaning, and value.


We must fight for attention

We live in a world where anyone can access an infinite amount of media in the palm of our hands. That’s why we integrate technologies that captivate your audience and build upon your message. You must command attention before you can keep it.


We bring the spotlight to you

We want your purpose to shine through with stunning clarity, while elevating your words, motions, actions and intentions. Simply put, we want those in attendance to leave with a newfound desire to take action and seek results. 


Results are about far more than numbers and statistics. They're the culmination of the interactions, experiences, and communications between company and client. That's why, far beyond our desire to exceed expectations, we stand firm in our commitment to delivering positive outcomes—every step of the way. 


I wanted to thank MC3 for their partnership for our 2017 NSM. This meeting would not have enjoyed the success we did if not for the assistance from the MC3 team. Your team’s attention to detail, constant communication and tracking of all the amendments to the rooming requirements was extremely impressive. As well, your customer centricity was palpable and impressive.
— Director of Training
Thank you, thank you, thank you! That is 1 thank you for each brand you helped support during the most recent National Sales Meeting. I can’t express what your continued partnership means to me, but to only say it has allowed us to continue to build and deliver the highest caliber of training for our Field Sales. Please thank everyone on your team for me. I look forward to our continued partnership!
— Director, Sales Training and Development
I wanted to thank you and your extraordinary team of professionals for all of the hard work and dedication that was put into Our National Meeting last week. This meeting had a LOT of starts and stops and direction and redirection, but the one constant was the continuous and never-ending support from MC3.  I apologize if I don’t tell you all enough how thankful I am for your support of our programs and the level of service you provide.  Having worked with many production companies in the past, I count my blessings for having been introduced to your company.
— Senior Manager of Meeting & Events
You truly made this POA come to life beyond my expectations and run smoothly and seamlessly.  You have managed a diverse set of stakeholders, sales organizations and multiple priorities including the video, editing, rehearsals etc. MC3 Team – Thank you for all that you do, you all ROCK!!!!
— Business Operations Manager


Serving life science clients for nearly 20 years

As this sampling of valued accounts suggests, MC3 retains a broad and ever-expanding community of Life Science customers both large and small.