The MC3 exclusive brand messaging and coaching app designed to build and sustain acquired skills for individualized development.


Master Messaging

Encourages Representatives to practice, learn, and master challenging scenarios on demand

Connect to Coaching

Creates more frequent, strategically-focused remote interactions enabling Managers to observe and provide insight driven coaching

Improve Performance

Provides post evaluation data to help identify and address skill gaps in order to maximize sales force effectiveness



Encourages practice on planning for, and executing responses to specific scenarios

Promotes self-evaluation and ability to calibrate to proficiency

Establishes an additional coaching connection in support of individual development

Helps perfect the use of approved materials to master brand messaging

1st Line Managers

Provides an efficient “packaged” option to execute coaching among MANY competing priorities

Establishes a remote coaching connection to increase coaching frequency for individual skill development

Gives 1st Line Managers visibility on Representatives progression & ability to:

  • Appropriately plan for, and respond to, a defined scenario
  • Verbalize key selling messages 

Ensures Managers coach and calibrate to a defined level of proficiency

2nd Line Managers,
Training & Marketing

Scalable! Can be used with any sized sales group

Creates line of sight to Sales Training on gaps where additional training may be needed

Provides visibility for 2nd line Managers on Representative’s abilities to message and on 1st Line Manager’s ability to coach

Enables Marketing to view how brand messaging is being executed


Redefine the way your Managers & Representatives connect to incrementally build brand messaging skills.