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Bayer U.S. Pharmaceutical Learning & Development Team Partners with MC3 to Transform Onboarding 


The Bayer U.S. Pharmaceutical Learning & Development (L&D) Team and MC3 partnered to transform how both therapeutic area and product training for incoming sales professionals is delivered.


The big question was, How can you reduce an incoming sales professional’s time-to-performance (TTP)? TTP is the amount of time invested before someone is field ready to compliantly and effectively engage customers.


The answer turned out to be an integrated solution that leveraged the VIRTUOSO engagement, training, and activation platform developed and deployed by MC3.

Each therapeutic team got a dedicated and custom-branded portal to connect new hires with the market and products they would be selling. The portals are designed to provide an integrated, content-curated, on-demand resource that enables asynchronous learning journeys that meet the learners where they are and match their pace.


Form and function come together in a fabulous package. Each of the VIRTUOSO portals enables learners to access videos, self-paced modules, podcasts, gamification, and comprehensive assessments. It’s a one-stop shop for onboarding.


The VIRTUOSO Engagement Platform Enables the

Bayer L&D Team to Accelerate Time-to-Performance

Drinking from a firehose. The L&D team analyzed all the content being sent to new hires and it was in a word, voluminous. It wasn’t hard to understand why, it was taking on average up to seven weeks from their first day for a sales professional to engage a customer.


Start the DRIP. They then went about defining the foundational compliance threshold for a new hire to engage with a customer. This focus enabled them to recognize an opportunity. Their use of VIRTUOSO portals and the on-demand availability of asynchronous resources would allow them to deploy a DRIP learning model that changed the sequence of training, redesigned the experience, and altered a new hire’s learning journey.


“This is historic.” The DRIP learning model, as enabled by the VIRTUOSO portals, has proven to be exceptionally effective. So much so, that the average time-to-performance for a sales professional has been reduced from seven weeks to, incredibly, just one week after

starting at Bayer.


“A run-away success.” Piloted within a recently formed sales force of 600 personnel and with two cohorts complete and the third in progress, Bayer is successfully maintaining quality and reducing time-to-performance.


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