Think big

when designing Micro-Learning solutions!


What is Micro-Learning?

  • Short bursts of learning that are easy to digest, thus reducing cognitive overload

  • Reinforcement of training over time that helps embed knowledge in long-term memory – more effectively than single-event training

  • On-Demand: learning that better meets the needs of the sales representative

  • Incorporates gamification techniques that make learning more engaging and enjoyable – including competitions and point-earning opportunities

Why is Micro-Learning Essential?

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Micro-Fact 1: Neuroscientists have determined that we can only absorb 4 to 5 pieces of information into short-term memory at any given time, so by breaking it into short chunks, it’s easier to understand and assimilate.

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Micro-Fact 2: There has been a 25% decay in attention span between 2000 and 2015.

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Micro-Fact 3: Traditional single-event training—an important component of most learning programs—is highly susceptible to the “forgetting curve,” a proven cognitive science concept hypothesizing that up to 90% of knowledge is quickly forgotten, unless reinforced.

Source: Axonify Whitepaper. Microlearning: Small Bites, Big Impact.


  • Virtual verbalization practice

  • Quizzes & games reinforcing clinical acumen & selling skills

  • Virtual Touchpoints

  • Podcasts

  • Activities may be powered by MC3’s exclusive platform – Tabletop®, or can be designed to work with your technology platforms



MC3 extends the concept of Micro-Learning to live meetings with "Micro-Encounters" – brief, immersive, active learning experiences that turn knowledge and skills into action

  • Patient Focused

  • Motivational

  • Success Stories

  • Team Building

  • Clinical Accumen

Increase Retention through Micro-Learning

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