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When our client found out that they had just 24 hours to transform their live National Sales Meeting and its comprehensive training curriculum into a virtual solution the MC3 team was ready to respond and helped save the day.


Success Story

Don't Mess with Mother Nature

A large Specialty pharmaceutical team selected MC3 as their training, technology, and production partner for their 2022 National Sales Meeting in Orlando. 


Everyone in the organization was excited as this NSM was going to be their first live meeting since the pandemic lock-down. It was planned to be an action packed, purposeful and personal experience that would connect their community and elevate their team.

Then Hurricane Ian happened. It was Monday 09/26 and MC3 was in Orlando setting up for the NSM’s Tuesday start when the client made the difficult and appropriate decision to cancel the live NSM.


Ready to Respond


We got this — When the client asked, “Where do we go from here? and how do we get there?”Our training, production and technology teams led a coordinated effort to identify and execute a virtual solution that was able to deliver on the intent, intensity and outcomes of the of the original live NSM.

Within 24 hours a broadcast studio was set-up in North Carolina, a new show flow was scripted, leadership was prepped, the training workshops were reworked, all participants were scheduled, and the Virtuoso event portal was updated to provide easy one-click access to it all.


Their 2022 Virtual NSM kicked off right on time starting on Wednesday and continuing through Friday. The Friday session ended up being pre-recorded by MC3 on Thursday because Ian was moving up the coast!

We’re not making this stuff up.

The NSM was a complete success and when it concluded one thing was clear—the collective capabilities of the MC3 team made it possible for our client to go from getting blown away by Ian to being blown away by the dedication of MC3 and the quality of the solution.

We’re proud to have played such a crucial role in this solution and while we would prefer to not have to do it again—we stand ready to lean into challenges and create opportunity for all our clients.


When the Storm Passed


Dave Todaro
Technical Director

Our flexibility under pressure as a natural disaster bore down on us was incredible. Within 8 hours of getting the onsite cancellation we had secured a venue and travel itineraries for our 25-person crew to get from Orlando to NC, truly an immense team effort. Once there, we loaded a studio into a very tight ballroom in record time. Our pivot to virtual could not have happened without the experience and professionalism of our entire team. 


Experience the               for yourself

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