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Magnify the Impact with Micro-Learning

Training has evolved significantly in the past decade.  The growing number of millennials in the work force, the need to do more with less, and the 24 hour always-connected work cycle, have all contributed to an environment where traditional training methods need to accommodate the new norm. In pharma this is especially true. Add the complexity of clinical information and the need to know the intricacies of Market Access, and you find yourself pushing the limits of retention for any learner. 

Your Meeting Opus

Meetings are music – a theatrical score crafted to thrill, captivate, and most of all, bring the audience along a wonderful journey of exploration and inspiration.  So how do we create a meeting exemplified by harmony, one that creates the “tunes” your audience will sing long after they leave, one that maintains their attention from curtain up to the final bow? It's all about engagement. 

Whether you are designing a PoA or launch meeting, it is important to think of the meeting as a musical narrative with a story arc that

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Aligning the right training format to the intended learning objective is as critical as the content itself. The way information is delivered and received has been proven to be linked to knowledge retention and the ability to apply new skills.  Sales forces and marketing teams will encounter numerous challenges that require reinforcement or just-in-time training.  Using the right method will ensure that each challenge is addressed rapidly and most effectively.

Here is a quick guide to matching the appropriate approach to some of the most common learning objectives:

Your Defining Moment

ANXIETY /aNG’zi’e’dee/ noun  

  • Definition #1:  a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with uncertain outcome. 

  • Pharma Definition #2: the uncomfortable feeling that your high-visibility PoA or launch will fall short of expectations, that you made budget cuts in the wrong places, and that you put your faith in the wrong meeting production company.

So how do you reduce meeting-planning anxiety?  How do you plan for the unexpected?  How do you choose the right partner?  

As you know, there is a very short window of opportunity for your product to make a splash in the market. You have the clinical data and marketing story ready to go.  Your product has the makings of a surefire success, but only if you can galvanize the sales force and give them the training they need to deliver a powerful, consistent message. 

The Long Arc of Training

You’ve made a significant investment in sales training, pulled the entire sales team out of the field, and it’s now all hands on deck for the marketing, market access, regulatory, and medical affairs teams.
Why?  Because you know there is only one chance to make an impact in the market.  You know the next six months will likely predict the trajectory of the product in the market.  Your product has the clinical data to tell a compelling story, but only if those messages can be delivered consistently, effectively, and responsively.
One 3-day PoA is great for introducing messages and building excitement, but more often than not, disappointing results in the field may be due to a lack of ongoing pull-through training AFTER the fanfare has dissipated.  So how do you ensure that your initial training reaches its potential?