Dan Kalinowski

Getting Emotional, Here

“You ask me more about emotions than my husband does!” quipped a client/collaborative partner, recently. We laughed about her admission and had to concede that it’s true: emotions are central to what we do, creatively.

While that may sound obvious, what may not be apparent—or common—is how we create a “road map” of emotions for each meeting that we design and produce. HOW do our audiences feel, coming into the meeting? WHY do they feel that way, and HOW do we want to change that, day by day and hour by hour? Working with our clients and partners, we decide WHEN to delight, when to energize, when to focus, and when to commit them (or re-connect them) to their missions. 

It’s a linear journey, from arrival to departure. Storytelling at its core. And, once we have acknowledged those feelings and decided on those turning points, flawless execution is critical. There is a lot of competition for one's attention, so it’s important to have creative, production, training and logistics all fully-informed and telling the same story.

That’s how we feel. You?