The Easiest Question You Will Get Today


If I say “Nike,” what is the first thing you think? 

Did you say, “Just do it?”  How is it that this empowering tagline has become so embedded in our culture that we see it not only as synonymous with the brand, but a mantra we have completely integrated into our lives?  What Nike accomplished was not just an unforgettable slogan, but a powerful theme that unites, guides, and motivates all of us. So what can we learn from Nike when designing the perfect pharmaceutical sales meeting?  It’s all in the theme.

Theme is about creating a movement. It is about aligning the participant’s own concerns, passions, values and interests with a central cause, goal, or quest.  Themes are a creative communication platform – a common lexicon, a sustainable set of experiences that galvanize the senses and define a shared call-to-action.  Sales meetings become powerful tools when the participants feel a vested interest in that theme -- when their view of the world changes, when they can feel passionate and motivated, and when they can transform from passive spectator to active participant.   

And how is that accomplished?  Themes are not just a catchy opening or tagline.  Successful themes create an ongoing, engaging, visceral, inspired response – a rallying cry that becomes the backbone of a much larger and long-term communication platform. But what is the secret sauce for creating the perfect theme?  At MC3, we believe theme development requires three fundamental components:

  • A consultative and collaborative client relationship

  • A comprehensive understanding of the market environment, therapeutic area, impact on patients, and competitive climate

  • The creativity to design unique thematic experiences and memorable communication platforms that engage and energize the participants

The power of the theme is in its repetition, seamless integration with the product it represents, and the ability to engage and motivate the participants.  Whether you are conducting a PoA, NSM, or Launch Meeting, always remember that a well-crafted theme will help you create a community of engaged participants who share a common goal and reinforce each participant’s connection to that vision. But only if the developer of that theme truly understands you, the participants, the product, the environment, and above all, the patients.


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