White Papers

“Meet me in the Hub.” The Coming Together of General Session and Training Rotations

Where is it written that General Session presentations and training breakouts need to be separate and distinct? This White Paper introduces the “Hub” – an innovative new concept from MC3, which creates a common collaborative environment from which all meeting and training activities extend; a memorable place where your team comes together to connect, to share experiences and to see things in new and exciting ways.

The Evolution of Training in an On-demand World

In today’s ‘on-demand’ world, the proliferation of tablet technologies is changing the game of how users access and interact with information. This White Paper discusses how this unstoppable trend presents sales and training professionals an opportunity they can’t ignore – adopting training strategies that embrace the modern “mobile lifestyle” and foster a culture of continuous leaning and active participation.

Sustaining the impact of training initiatives; how to keep a good thing going…

Sales and Training executives are under increasing pressure to demonstrate acceptable ‘returns’ for investments made in sales meetings and training events. This White Paper discusses the importance of planning for after the event and includes practical ideas for sustaining the impact of your training initiatives.