Making Your 2019 Meetings Memorable


Happy New Year!  As we kick off 2019, no doubt we are all making resolutions, planning that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, exercising more, and committing to become our best selves.  And most of all, we are hoping that the new year will provide us with memorable moments, events and activities that we can anxiously await, and ones we know we will never forget. 



But what makes something memorable?  What are the ingredients common to all extraordinary experiences that drive change in a person’s attitude, outlook, perspective, or behavior?  And of course, how can we take that knowledge and provide life-changing experiences at our next National Sales Meeting, PoA, or launch meeting?


We have the formula. It’s as simple as 5+6+1.


The 5:  Designing an event to be memorable begins by engaging the 5 senses (sight, touch, sound, taste, smell) and creating associations between key learning moments and those sensory memories.  Memories are spread across the brain’s sensory centers and provide a database where a simple stimulus can trigger a memory.  The smell of a doctor’s office, the laugh of a baby, the worried face of a patient in the waiting room – each of these can trigger a permanent memory.  Make sure your event provides experiences that spark each of the senses so they become a point of recall later.



The 6:  Senses provide a great way to reflexively create memories, but how do you change attitudes and perspectives.  You do it by integrating the six emotions (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise) into your event activities and experiences.  Maybe the participants empathize with the patient’s fear by hearing their story. Maybe they share an anger or disgust at the disease.  Or maybe they share in the happiness that this new product can bring.  Every activity at a sales meeting has the opportunity to create a visceral emotion that makes the experience memorable.



The 1:  Lastly, and possibly the most important element is connectedness.  Memorable events are created when people are connected to a shared vision, to each other, to a patient, to a purpose.  It is the development of those connections that becomes the spark AND the ongoing fuel for memorable experiences.


So as you look to design your meeting this year, how will you engage the senses, capture emotions, and create connections that drive memorable experiences for yourself and your team for years to come?  It’s a simple new year’s resolution:  In 2019, turn to the 12.


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