Your Defining Moment


ANXIETY /aNG’zi’e’dee/ noun  

  • Definition #1:  a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with uncertain outcome. 

  • Pharma Definition #2: the uncomfortable feeling that your high-visibility PoA or launch will fall short of expectations, that you made budget cuts in the wrong places, and that you put your faith in the wrong meeting production company.

So how do you reduce meeting-planning anxiety?  How do you plan for the unexpected?  How do you choose the right partner?  

As you know, there is a very short window of opportunity for your product to make a splash in the market. You have the clinical data and marketing story ready to go.  Your product has the makings of a surefire success, but only if you can galvanize the sales force and give them the training they need to deliver a powerful, consistent message. 

Your success will be based on three things: (1) A novel experience that creates sustainable energy; (2) engagement that directly correlates to training retention, and (3) flawless execution.  To accomplish these three objectives, always choose a meeting production company based on the following core dimensions:

  • Customer service:  Your partner should be flexible, proactive, and most importantly completely aligned to your vision, goals, and budget. 

  • Competency:  Meeting production demands expert capabilities in creative, logistics, and training. Fundamentally, these three elements need to perfectly integrate to create a memorable experience with positive outcomes. Often, meeting production and training are not aligned.  The training program is comprehensive but the meeting is boring, or the meeting is like New Year’s Eve but the training objectives are not met.  It is important to partner with a company that has expertise in integrating meeting production, technology, and training.

  • Innovation:  You are creating an experience, not just an event.  Creative approaches and new technologies are key to converting an exciting short-term event into an impactful life-changing experience.

  • Track record:  Nobody wants to arrive at the hotel to find the AV doesn’t work or the celebrity keynote speaker didn’t arrive.  It is critical for peace of mind to know that the meeting production partner has executed even the most advanced events flawlessly, over and over again.

So how do you know if you have the right partner?  You should have a positive experience from the first moment you meet them.  Ask yourself if they are friendly, collaborative, creative, innovative, genuine, and competent. And then ask yourself if their involvement makes you feel confident or anxious. Nobody wants to feel anxiety at a time like this, and by definition, the right partner means you won’t have to.


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